About Us

About New Skills Academy

New Skills Academy is like the missing square in a complex puzzle. If you can find it, the solution to that puzzle is a step closer. Your career is like a puzzle. Every piece matters, and most often than not, the education you acquire determines how well your career will unravel. New Skills Academy is a product of the vision to prepare you for the life you want. To equip you with the relevant skills you need to succeed in your career.

Online learning is a buzzword today. The idea has caught on like a bushfire as people everywhere are now leveraging the internet to improve their qualifications and to carve a comfortable career for themselves in this unpredictable times. More so, thousands of people have found New Skills Academy to be especially suited to their long-term goals and are leveraging their online learning platform to gain a cheap, convenient and high-quality education.

New Skills Academy is born out of the desire to help you achieve your dreams. Our focus on unique skillset goes to further reveal our intent to equip you with qualifications that have become necessities in the uncertain economy of today. Courses like stress management, anxiety awareness, and conflict resolution in the workplace, are specially designed to increase your productivity and to assist you to navigate the workplace environment smoothly, without any setback.

About New Skills Academy Courses

With innovative courses that are reflective of the changes that are taking place in our job environment today, New Skills Academy is a one-stop online learning platform that combines expert knowledge, detailed lesson plans, and first-class online learning support to help you learn comfortably. The evidence of our high-level commitment to the actualisation of the dreams of our students can be found in the numerous testimonials that are streaming in every day. We are not perfect. But we strive to deliver the best online learning experience available anywhere on the internet to our students.

In addition, the over 120 courses New Skills Academy offers are accredited and recognised by IVCAS and CPD. This is to assure our students that their online learning experience with New Skills Academy is recognised by specialised bodies. We care very much about our reputation, and we respect the long-term career goals of our clients. Rooted in this student-centric culture, therefore, we conduct ourselves in a manner that will assist our students to comfortably realise their aspirations.

Lessons at New Skills Academy

Our lessons at New Skills Academy are flexible and unusually cheap. Our students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their convenience. The lesson materials are available for download to mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, and can be read at home, in the car, at work and anywhere that is convenient for our students. Furthermore, our testing system is top of the class, and we also ensure our online learning materials are detailed, simple and easy to relate with.

New Skills Academy brings a different level to online learning. Our business model revolves around our students. We aim to help them live out their lives to their satisfaction while also adding value to themselves and their immediate environment. We are passionate about the dreams of our students at New Skills Academy, and we design our courses in a way that will introduce a wholesome online learning experience to them.