Are New Skills Academy courses recognised

Are New Skills Academy courses recognised?

One of the many questions that arose when online education surfaced was “are online education recognised?” Of course, this is a non-issue these days as online education has become a permanent feature of today’s technology-driven economy. However, for many of our students and prospective students, the question remains “are New Skills Academy courses recognised?” While it is easy to simply answer yes, nevertheless, there is a need to give a detailed answer to this question. This is to allay the fears of our students and also to put their minds at rest about the value of the qualifications obtained from New Skills Academy.

The question of course recognition

At New Skills Academy, we recognise the importance of accreditation and recognition to students. After all, what is the use in spending time and resources on online education only to come out with something that cannot be used? Therefore, we take extra care to ensure that all our offerings are valuable, not only to the students who take them but also to their prospective employers or clients. We respect the reputations of our students, and we will not deliberately jeopardise that. So, are New Skills Academy courses recognised?

New Skills Academy are recognised widely

Firstly, yes. Courses from New Skills Academy are recognised. Before we started offering people our courses, we consulted relevant bodies involved with accrediting online courses. New Skills Academy courses were duly reviewed and accredited by IVCAS and CPD. The Independent Vocational Course Appraisal Service (IVCAS) certified our courses as meeting the specified standards. In the same vein, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of the United Kingdom gave our platform a go-ahead. You must understand that these bodies are responsible for accrediting vocational and professional courses for Britons, and getting an affirmative nod from them is a confirmation of the value of our courses. Thus, are New Skills Academy courses recognised? Absolutely!

Course Recognition and Patronisation

That said, you must also be aware that the courses New Skills Academy offers are universally recognised and patronised. They have widespread applications, and they mostly reflect the direction the world is and heading to with rapid advancement in technology. Today, the job marketplace is demanding unusual skills and qualifications. Technology has made otherwise overlooked skills like stress management to be more relevant. More so, vocations like garden design and management; pet sitting and dog walking; and nail technician, amongst others are finding use in the economy of today. Professional qualifications in customer service, holiday representative, communication techniques, etc. are in huge demand everywhere. This is, partly, what informed New Skills Academy’s business model: to bring, valuable, in-demand and profitable online education to people. Are New Skills Academy courses recognised? Yes. And they are profitably so.

New Skills Academy Provide Recognised Qualifications

New Skills Academy did not attempt to risk the reputation and career of our students when we opened shop. We put our house in order. And backed by relevant research and consultation in every course we are offering, we were able to design something that will not only enhance the skills of our students but will also boost their career. The question of “are New Skills Academy courses recognised” is a non-issue for us, as it is a non-issue for online education generally. We respect the aspiration of our students, and we honour their efforts by delivering valuable, recognised and life-changing qualifications to them.

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