Achieve Your Career Goals with New Skills Academy

Achieve Your Career Goals by Getting a Recognised Qualification from New Skills Academy

Are you looking forward to excelling in your workplace? The best thing you could do is to have additional skills so that you can have success in this competitive job market. On the other hand, information is ever expanding in the job market.

Most hiring managers look for recognised qualifications in the UK when hiring their staff. You need to stay updated with new skills. Most courses in the New Skills Academy will help you stay updated and achieve exceptional performance.

What is the importance of having a recognised qualification from New Skills Academy?

As you aim to get new skills, it’s essential to ensure the courses you take are recognised in the UK. Below are the benefits of getting recognised qualifications from New Skills Academy.


  • It widens your career opportunities


When you learn new recognised skills, you will have access to many opportunities. Such skills will show your potential employers that you can help their businesses grow. You will be capable of doing many things unlike what you could do before. It can also give you several career choices since you have more than one skill which is recognised.


  • It expands your skillet and boosts your confidence with New Skills Academy


Having recognised qualifications not only expands your scope of knowledge but also gives you confidence. You can confidently hand over your credentials and request for a promotion or a better job. Learning new skills helps you get more experience in different areas of your career.


  • It opens a way to advanced courses and qualifications


Once you complete one course, you will realise that there is a need to do something better than that. Learning is a continuous process. The more you learn, the more you see the need of getting new skills. You will be able to have better skills when you get recognised qualifications.


  • It makes you feel empowered


When you achieve a new qualification, it makes you feel motivated. It gives you some self-fulfilment that you have accomplished something that makes you a better person than who you were before. Such achievements make your company to go an extra mile and give you more responsibilities. This will lead to increased salaries and more promotions.


  • It gives you more trust and confidence


When you have recognised qualifications, most firms will have trust in you compared to other workers with no skills. They can entrust you with tasks that need to be handled by an expert since they trust you. Most employers know that having a qualified recognised professional gives them a competitive advantage. Having you in their business will, therefore, bring more investors or clients.


You can get recognised qualifications from the New Skills Academy to stand out in the job market. New skills academy has many courses in different fields that could help you advance your career. Whether you are looking for skills in Business, Finance, Education, Beauty, Entertainment, Computing or Health and Safety, you can get them on New Skills Academy.

You can also enrol on general self-improvement courses like Identifying and exceeding customer’s expectations, Global anti-bribery corruption certificate and Making your sales pitch among others. Get a recognised qualification and attain success in your career.

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Online learning with New Skills Academy

Online learning with New Skills Academy can Help your Career Progress

Did you know that you can advance your career remotely through online education? The best thing about online learning is that you can do it at your convenience. The New Skills Academy has over 200 courses in different fields to help various professionals.

Before choosing any of them, you should select a relevant course. What skills do you need? Consider your career goals and the nature of your job.

You can even get advice from your employer. You can choose a skill that is related to your field. If you are in the accounting field, you can look for accounting courses from the New Skills Academy.

How will online learning with New Skills Academy help you progress in your career?


  • Employers recognize online education from New Skills Academy


When you choose reputable platforms like the New Skills Academy to learn, be sure to be recognized in the UK. Currently, employers have no stigma against online education. Technology has advanced, and most employers recognize online degrees and other certifications. You can learn without quitting your job

The New Skills Academy courses are always available at any time. You can create your schedule and study when you are not working. Remember at first people used to go back to school to study fulltime. They would even have to quit their jobs or take study leave.

But with online learning from New Skills Academy, you can study as you work. Online education improves your time management skills. You will not only manage time to go and study online but also in your workplace. This will help you to be organized and earn respect from your colleagues.


  • It gives you a chance to network


You may think that studying online is like being in a lonely class where you can’t interact with people. However, in platforms like the New Skills Academy, you can interact with instructors and other students. You can also join their social media platform and discuss any pressing issues.


  • You can apply the knowledge to your existing job


As mentioned before, you need to identify your goals before taking an online course. When you know the skills you need to advance in your career, you can apply them after taking the course. Some courses in the new skills can improve your persuasion skills especially if you are working in the business sector.


  • You will finish studying faster with New Skills Academy


Unlike learning on a college physically, online learning is quite fast. You can complete the courses depending on your pace. There no fixed timetable. The faster you learn, the faster you finish. New Skills Academy has many courses, and you can take a new course after completing another if you have time.

It is essential to look for ways of advancing your career through online learning. The good thing about it is that your employer doesn’t have to know. You can do it at your convenience. It is also not costly since you don’t have to incur any transport expenses.

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Get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy

If you already have the skills you need now, you can get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy

Have you ever reached a point where you wondered what you could do with your skills? How are you going to prove to the world that you have them? If you love learning, I am sure you must have taught yourself many things both online and offline.

You may get some skills out of your job experience and you may also get some through learning. You may have those skills but wonder how you can showcase them professionally.

What is a recognised qualification?

A recognised qualification is having done a course and getting a certificate recognised in the UK. The News Skills Academy has made it possible to showcase your skills through their flexible online certification.

Why should you have a recognised qualification?

Now that you already have the skills in your career, are you wondering if it is worth having recognised qualifications?  Here are ways in which a recognised qualification may benefit you.

  1.       It helps you gain competitive advantage

There is a lot of competition in the job market. The only way to stand out the rest is to have something that showcases your skills. You might be having the skills, but what proves that you have them? Get recognised qualifications and maintain being the most wanted professional in your job market.

  1.       It increases your earning potential

There is a study which shows that online certifications increased earnings by 20-40 per cent.  Most employers understand that you took time and money to gain those skills. Those skills are also a boost to their business hence they have no choice but to honour your skills. It’s possible to achieve that through getting recognised qualifications with online learning.

  1.       Helps you to work on projects efficiently

Most specialised courses have up to date technical strategies and tools that will help you do your projects in an organised manner. Most sites that offer recognised qualifications like New Skills Academy  have updated tools and technical information to help you manage your projects.

  1.       It builds your professional credibility

Most companies and non-profit organisations in the UK work with people with specific professional certifications from programmes that are recognised. Having a recognised certification proves that you are committed to superior professionalism and that you have the required industry standards. In case you are dealing with bidding projects, you can easily win a bid due to your recognised qualifications.

  1.       You can get promotions more easily

Even though your skills may be enough to showcase your capabilities, some companies may need certificates from recognised learning platforms to give you a promotion in your job. It is therefore vital to ensure that you get recognised qualifications.

Stand out the rest by getting more skills and staying updated with recognised certification. Did you know that the New Skills Academy is one of the online platforms that offer courses with recognised qualifications?

Imagine doing an online course at your free time and get recognised certification? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to get recognised qualification.

Get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy


Flexible learning opportunities available with New Skills Academy

Flexible learning opportunities available with New Skills Academy

Have you considered upgrading your skills with flexible learning opportunities? Maybe you are looking for an online learning opportunity that will allow you to continue with your job and attend to other things. Learn more about our Flexible learning opportunities available with New Skills Academy.

The New Skills Academy has made online learning easy by providing online courses that you can learn anytime. There are more than 190 courses on this platform. However, we will have a look at the latest online learning opportunities at New Skills Academy.

Sage 50 Accounting for Beginners Diploma – New Skills Academy course

Accounting is one of the subjects in the New Skills Academy. Under Accounting, there is a new course called Sage 50 Accounting for Beginners Diploma Course. This is a CPD approved the course for beginners. It is also one of the packages that are used in the UK widely and other areas of the world. This course is perfect for small businesses and helps you manage company invoicing and producing sales and financial reports. This course is ideal for you if you have your own business and would love to learn management skills.

British Cleaning Certificate Award – New Skills Academy course

This is a CPD accredited online course that will help you kick start a profitable cleaning business. It also enables you to improve your skills if you are working with a cleaning company. It has a total of 22 modules that can take a minimum of 10 hours to study.

You will need to do a multiple choice test after completing the course. The test is about the different modules you had studied earlier. You will be able to download and print your certificate after completing the course and passing the test.

Nail Technician Diploma Award – New Skills Academy course

Are you obsessed about nail beauty? Have you considered doing it professionally by upgrading your skills? This is an exciting course that you might want to enroll. This course has twenty-five modules which will take a minimum of 20 hours to finish it.

The best thing is that some videos instruct you how to do certain things. You can get assistance in case you have any questions. You can also print your certificate after completing the course and boost your career

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma – New Skills Academy course

If you love animals or work around them, you might find this course helpful. From this course, you will learn how to care for pets through twenty-three modules. This course helps you know everything about pets including the insurance and legal issues in the UK. You can study at your pace and be sure to get full support in case of any questions.

Estate Agency Diploma – New Skills Academy course

This is also a CPD approved course that helps you advance your skills in the Real Estate field. Through this course, you will be able to help people buy investment properties and also show them properties available. It enables you to deal with landlords, buyers, sellers and tenants.

You will learn what it entails to be a real estate agent and identify various estate agents. You can learn it from any device and get your certificate after successful completion

There are many flexible opportunities at New Skills Academy. You can check on their homepage if you are looking for a different skill. They cover almost all areas of different careers and general skills. You can’t lack anything to improve your job remotely.

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Improve your career opportunities with a course from New Skills Academy

Improve your career opportunities or choose a different path: Online learning made easy

The job market in the UK is quite competitive. However, it is still possible to have many opportunities to choose from depending on your skills. You can improve your career opportunities by adding more skills related to your career. Aside from that, you may want to learn something different from your job and become an expert in various areas.

Online learning has made it easy to choose different paths of education by providing numerous courses. New Skills Academy is one of those platforms that offer various classes to help you improve your career or give you new skills in a different path. Here is how online learning can help you be a better person.

New Skills Academy has a wide range of courses

You can improve your skills by choosing a course in your field. There are many courses, and you can take one at a time until you complete them. Before taking any course, you need to identify your goals and what the course entails. Should you be interested in choosing a different path, there are plenty of courses to choose from as well. The most important thing is your passion and commitment.

Remote learning with New Skills Academy

You can access online courses from any place as you want. Unlike a real college, you can choose any course you want. In physical colleges, some courses are not available at some institutions, and you might have to pursue them from a different location. at New Skills Academy this is not an issue. All our courses are available whenever you need them.

Full support of all our courses at New Skills Academy

With online learning on New Skills Academy, be sure to get full support from the tutors who will direct you accordingly. You can study and point out anything that you don’t understand.

Enough resources to help your online learning goals

Recognised platforms like the New Skills Academy have appropriate online learning resources. You can get video tutorials and also they have an organised system which shows you the causes you are taking and the ones you have completed. You can access their courses using various devices.

Responsibility and self-discipline required for online courses

When you choose to study online, you become in control of your time. You will have to organise how you do everything and when. Since you will be working and studying at the same time, you need to be responsible and disciplined as well. Through online learning, you will learn to keep time and stay organised. Such skills also help you to stay organised in your work.

Low costs with online education.

Studying online tends to be cheaper than traditional learning, since you learn from the comfort of your home. The kind of fees you pay depends on different factors. Some courses tend to be cheap because they have short content and will take a few minutes to complete. As for traditional courses, most of them have the same amount of fees structure.

In a nutshell, online learning and courses are the way to go if you would like to go to a different path or advance your career. They have no restrictions like traditional courses. You can take any course so long as you strive to get a certification.



Are New Skills Academy courses recognised

Are New Skills Academy courses recognised?

One of the many questions that arose when online education surfaced was “are online education recognised?” Of course, this is a non-issue these days as online education has become a permanent feature of today’s technology-driven economy. However, for many of our students and prospective students, the question remains “are New Skills Academy courses recognised?” While it is easy to simply answer yes, nevertheless, there is a need to give a detailed answer to this question. This is to allay the fears of our students and also to put their minds at rest about the value of the qualifications obtained from New Skills Academy.

The question of course recognition

At New Skills Academy, we recognise the importance of accreditation and recognition to students. After all, what is the use in spending time and resources on online education only to come out with something that cannot be used? Therefore, we take extra care to ensure that all our offerings are valuable, not only to the students who take them but also to their prospective employers or clients. We respect the reputations of our students, and we will not deliberately jeopardise that. So, are New Skills Academy courses recognised?

New Skills Academy are recognised widely

Firstly, yes. Courses from New Skills Academy are recognised. Before we started offering people our courses, we consulted relevant bodies involved with accrediting online courses. New Skills Academy courses were duly reviewed and accredited by IVCAS and CPD. The Independent Vocational Course Appraisal Service (IVCAS) certified our courses as meeting the specified standards. In the same vein, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of the United Kingdom gave our platform a go-ahead. You must understand that these bodies are responsible for accrediting vocational and professional courses for Britons, and getting an affirmative nod from them is a confirmation of the value of our courses. Thus, are New Skills Academy courses recognised? Absolutely!

Course Recognition and Patronisation

That said, you must also be aware that the courses New Skills Academy offers are universally recognised and patronised. They have widespread applications, and they mostly reflect the direction the world is and heading to with rapid advancement in technology. Today, the job marketplace is demanding unusual skills and qualifications. Technology has made otherwise overlooked skills like stress management to be more relevant. More so, vocations like garden design and management; pet sitting and dog walking; and nail technician, amongst others are finding use in the economy of today. Professional qualifications in customer service, holiday representative, communication techniques, etc. are in huge demand everywhere. This is, partly, what informed New Skills Academy’s business model: to bring, valuable, in-demand and profitable online education to people. Are New Skills Academy courses recognised? Yes. And they are profitably so.

New Skills Academy Provide Recognised Qualifications

New Skills Academy did not attempt to risk the reputation and career of our students when we opened shop. We put our house in order. And backed by relevant research and consultation in every course we are offering, we were able to design something that will not only enhance the skills of our students but will also boost their career. The question of “are New Skills Academy courses recognised” is a non-issue for us, as it is a non-issue for online education generally. We respect the aspiration of our students, and we honour their efforts by delivering valuable, recognised and life-changing qualifications to them.

Why online courses are a great way to learn new skills

Why online courses are a great way to learn new skills and get new qualifications.

“I enrolled in an online course” will certainly raise eyebrows and provoke negative comments from people five years ago. This is so because online education, for all its good, had been distrusted and disparaged by many people. To register for an online course was once thought to have no use as people and employers alike do not recognize qualifications awarded by online academies.

Those days are long gone, however, and the high demand for online education today shows just how important it is to the world’s economy going forward. It’s a way to prove you can make use of your new skills. According to reports, there are three million people fully registered in online programs, and a further six million who are taking part in at least one online course in addition to their degrees in the US alone.

Aside from this, several highly rated colleges and educational institutions like Harvard and MIT, have thrown their weights behind online education. As a result, employers and people are now encouraged to admit recognised qualifications given out by online academies. That said, here is why online courses are a great way to learn new skills and get new recognised qualifications.

Lower cost ways to learn new skills

Cost is one of the reasons why traditional education is no longer attractive to many for learning new skills. Not everybody can afford a degree from a university. This challenge opened the door for online education as a cheaper alternative to get recognised qualifications for new skills attainment. An online course from say New Skills Academy, for instance, typically costs just £29. This is incredibly cheap by all standards, and given that course materials are almost always free and there is no rent or travel expenses gives online education an edge.

Unlimited Courses and ways to obtain new skills 

Udemy, as an example, offers over 80,000 online courses. No traditional college anywhere in the world offers as many courses or ways to learn new skills.  A large number of online courses are accessible from different online academies. The qualifications awarded for these courses are widely recognised and accepted, too. From simple dog walking to technical skills in programming and artificial intelligence, online education has lots of them. You can learn new skills and get recognised qualifications from several online academies.

Comfort and Flexibility. We make it easy to learn new skills

If you’re looking for a way to advance your  new skills without sacrificing other parts of your life for it, online courses is the perfect answer. Online courses are designed to be accessible anywhere and anytime. With a mobile phone, personal computer or other digital assistants, course materials can be downloaded and saved for subsequent (online or offline) studying. You can study anywhere, too. Online courses are mobile. Meaning it goes along with you wherever you go. It is that easy! With this set-up, you can have extra time to spare with your full-time job, friends and family.

New Skills and Career Advancement

For those already working but like to add a qualification to their CV, online courses will afford you the time. You’ll get recognised qualifications to advance your career without quitting your job. You can continue your schedule as usual without feeling a pressing need to be physically present in class. Your course materials can be saved on your device for offline viewing. You can obtain a Master’s degree without as much as move an inch from your workplace, home and other comfort zones.

Your New Skills and Recognised Qualifications

When online education began to gain attention, many people were afraid that the qualifications they give wouldn’t be acceptable to employers and even government organisations. This fear prevailed for a long time until regular colleges and other educational institutions started offering online qualifications of their own. Today, an online qualification is as good as other recognised qualifications acquired anywhere. With your online qualification, you can apply for and get the job you like; you can be qualified for promotion; you can start a business with it, and even further your education or career. Online qualifications are recognised everywhere.

Conclusions about New Skils Academy

Online education, as we have seen, is growing at a faster pace. People everywhere are enrolling for online courses either to earn a degree or a diploma or to add to an existing skill. In any case, online education is leading the way in revolutionising our educational system. Not only are online courses cheap and convenient, but are recognised qualifications everywhere. It is the educational gift of our time.

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Course Recognition

Are New Skills academy courses recognised?


If you would like to take an online course with the New Skills Academy, you are probably wondering if the courses are recognised. Most companies would like to hire someone with skills from a well-known institution.

Course Recognition

With many online learning platforms, you might doubt if it’s worth taking courses at this platform. Here is some little information which will help you to know the credibility of the courses at New Skills Academy.



Since New Skills academy values the status of their students. They always welcome reviews from experts about their courses. Their courses have been therefore reviewed and approved by the CPD and other industry experts.


The IVCAS has also examined the New Skills Academy online courses and found that they meet their criteria for functionality and quality. Apart from the IVCAS and the CPD, New Skills Academy courses have also been accredited by CMA and the IAO among other accrediting bodies.




It’s not easy for any company to be award-winning unless it offers value. The New Skills Academy has had the privilege of receiving various awards both local and global. Some categories that have won awards are Outstanding Business, Small Business, Small business, Best E-business, Entrepreneur of the year and Family Business.


The company has also received general awards as an online learning platform. Aside from the company awards, the founder, Chris Morgan has also won some awards due to his dedication to making the company a success.


He has received awards such as Family Business Entrepreneur and the Business Person of the Year. With such an achievement, there is no doubt about the credibility of New Skills Academy courses.


Student testimonials


Sometimes it’s wise to get the credibility of a course through online reviews and testimonials. To start with the New skills academy website, you can see the testimonials from former students who took the online learning courses.

Most students have testified to have found the courses to be straightforward and helped them gain new skills. There are also reviews online, some on Facebook and others on certain websites about the New skills Academy Courses.


If you check them, you will realise that they are genuine. While there may be few negative reviews based on user experience, most reviews are positive. Such reviews show that these courses are recognised by many.


Learning through the New Skills Academy isn’t a waste of time because the courses are recognised both nationally and internationally. Check online reviews, and if you have any concerns, you can email the New Skills Academy.


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