Course Recognition

Are New Skills academy courses recognised?


If you would like to take an online course with the New Skills Academy, you are probably wondering if the courses are recognised. Most companies would like to hire someone with skills from a well-known institution.

Course Recognition

With many online learning platforms, you might doubt if it’s worth taking courses at this platform. Here is some little information which will help you to know the credibility of the courses at New Skills Academy.



Since New Skills academy values the status of their students. They always welcome reviews from experts about their courses. Their courses have been therefore reviewed and approved by the CPD and other industry experts.


The IVCAS has also examined the New Skills Academy online courses and found that they meet their criteria for functionality and quality. Apart from the IVCAS and the CPD, New Skills Academy courses have also been accredited by CMA and the IAO among other accrediting bodies.




It’s not easy for any company to be award-winning unless it offers value. The New Skills Academy has had the privilege of receiving various awards both local and global. Some categories that have won awards are Outstanding Business, Small Business, Small business, Best E-business, Entrepreneur of the year and Family Business.


The company has also received general awards as an online learning platform. Aside from the company awards, the founder, Chris Morgan has also won some awards due to his dedication to making the company a success.


He has received awards such as Family Business Entrepreneur and the Business Person of the Year. With such an achievement, there is no doubt about the credibility of New Skills Academy courses.


Student testimonials


Sometimes it’s wise to get the credibility of a course through online reviews and testimonials. To start with the New skills academy website, you can see the testimonials from former students who took the online learning courses.

Most students have testified to have found the courses to be straightforward and helped them gain new skills. There are also reviews online, some on Facebook and others on certain websites about the New skills Academy Courses.


If you check them, you will realise that they are genuine. While there may be few negative reviews based on user experience, most reviews are positive. Such reviews show that these courses are recognised by many.


Learning through the New Skills Academy isn’t a waste of time because the courses are recognised both nationally and internationally. Check online reviews, and if you have any concerns, you can email the New Skills Academy.


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