Get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy

If you already have the skills you need now, you can get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy

Have you ever reached a point where you wondered what you could do with your skills? How are you going to prove to the world that you have them? If you love learning, I am sure you must have taught yourself many things both online and offline.

You may get some skills out of your job experience and you may also get some through learning. You may have those skills but wonder how you can showcase them professionally.

What is a recognised qualification?

A recognised qualification is having done a course and getting a certificate recognised in the UK. The News Skills Academy has made it possible to showcase your skills through their flexible online certification.

Why should you have a recognised qualification?

Now that you already have the skills in your career, are you wondering if it is worth having recognised qualifications?  Here are ways in which a recognised qualification may benefit you.

  1.       It helps you gain competitive advantage

There is a lot of competition in the job market. The only way to stand out the rest is to have something that showcases your skills. You might be having the skills, but what proves that you have them? Get recognised qualifications and maintain being the most wanted professional in your job market.

  1.       It increases your earning potential

There is a study which shows that online certifications increased earnings by 20-40 per cent.  Most employers understand that you took time and money to gain those skills. Those skills are also a boost to their business hence they have no choice but to honour your skills. It’s possible to achieve that through getting recognised qualifications with online learning.

  1.       Helps you to work on projects efficiently

Most specialised courses have up to date technical strategies and tools that will help you do your projects in an organised manner. Most sites that offer recognised qualifications like New Skills Academy  have updated tools and technical information to help you manage your projects.

  1.       It builds your professional credibility

Most companies and non-profit organisations in the UK work with people with specific professional certifications from programmes that are recognised. Having a recognised certification proves that you are committed to superior professionalism and that you have the required industry standards. In case you are dealing with bidding projects, you can easily win a bid due to your recognised qualifications.

  1.       You can get promotions more easily

Even though your skills may be enough to showcase your capabilities, some companies may need certificates from recognised learning platforms to give you a promotion in your job. It is therefore vital to ensure that you get recognised qualifications.

Stand out the rest by getting more skills and staying updated with recognised certification. Did you know that the New Skills Academy is one of the online platforms that offer courses with recognised qualifications?

Imagine doing an online course at your free time and get recognised certification? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to get recognised qualification.

Get a recognised qualification with New Skills Academy