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How to boost your career with online learning from New Skills Academy

Would you like to be one of the most wanted staff in your profession through online education? It’s true that competition in the job market is getting tough. Whether you are an accountant, a teacher or in any other profession, you need to have exceptional skills other than what you studied in college.

You can boost your career with some general improvement online learning courses in the new skills academy. Let’s have a look at some courses that might benefit you.

Problem-solving certification

Every profession encounters challenges. You need to find quick solutions to problems before things mess up. Problem-solving skills will help you both at work and home.

This online learning certification teaches essential techniques to help you solve problems fast. You will get the four-phases of resolving issues in workplaces across the UK.

Self-improvement 10-course bundle certification

Self-improvement is one of the best online learning courses that equip you with many skills. It is an online learning course that has ten modules. These modules are negotiation skills certification, effective decision making certification, memory enhancement certification, learning strategies certification, problem-solving certification, communication basics certification, the art of persuasion certification, improve your social skills certification, success habits certification and public speaking certification.

Success habits certification

You cannot succeed based on an isolated event. It is about the habits that you practice daily that shape how you think and handle problems. This course teaches essential habits you should adopt in your personal and professional life.

You will learn the importance of reading regularly, how to manage your workload, why you need enough sleep and how to deal with negative issues and stay calm.

The art of persuasion

Even though it is difficult to master the art of persuasion, once you learn it you will stand out those surrounding you. You will be able to take your company to another level through this skill.

Convincing people that your opinion is right is the secret to success. This course teaches you persuasive skills using Aristotle’s persuasive techniques.

Learning strategies certification

Get new skills in your free time to retain information. With this course, you will be able to determine the importance of having gaps between learning sessions, ways of making boring content more interesting, using the five ‘R’ s in note taking and the need of practising skills in the same course among other things.

Memory enhancement certification

When you age, your memory tends to shrink. However, adopting specific changes in your lifestyle can improve your memory. This online learning certification helps you know what lifestyle changes you need to embrace, physical activities and strategies of enhancing your memory.

You will get to know the importance of meditation in your memory, why diet and hydration levels are essential to your memory and memory boosting exercises among other things.

Aside from the above general courses, there are other online learning courses in different subjects like accounting, business, animal care, fitness, food safety, social/care, technology, medical care, professional development, educational and vocational/hobbies.

Online learning is one of the best ways of improving your skills remotely. The New Skills Academy has made it possible to boost your career by offering different courses to equip you with specialised skills. You can browse through the courses available and enrol to one at a time.

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