Why online courses are a great way to learn new skills

Why online courses are a great way to learn new skills and get new qualifications.

“I enrolled in an online course” will certainly raise eyebrows and provoke negative comments from people five years ago. This is so because online education, for all its good, had been distrusted and disparaged by many people. To register for an online course was once thought to have no use as people and employers alike do not recognize qualifications awarded by online academies.

Those days are long gone, however, and the high demand for online education today shows just how important it is to the world’s economy going forward. It’s a way to prove you can make use of your new skills. According to reports, there are three million people fully registered in online programs, and a further six million who are taking part in at least one online course in addition to their degrees in the US alone.

Aside from this, several highly rated colleges and educational institutions like Harvard and MIT, have thrown their weights behind online education. As a result, employers and people are now encouraged to admit recognised qualifications given out by online academies. That said, here is why online courses are a great way to learn new skills and get new recognised qualifications.

Lower cost ways to learn new skills

Cost is one of the reasons why traditional education is no longer attractive to many for learning new skills. Not everybody can afford a degree from a university. This challenge opened the door for online education as a cheaper alternative to get recognised qualifications for new skills attainment. An online course from say New Skills Academy, for instance, typically costs just £29. This is incredibly cheap by all standards, and given that course materials are almost always free and there is no rent or travel expenses gives online education an edge.

Unlimited Courses and ways to obtain new skills 

Udemy, as an example, offers over 80,000 online courses. No traditional college anywhere in the world offers as many courses or ways to learn new skills.  A large number of online courses are accessible from different online academies. The qualifications awarded for these courses are widely recognised and accepted, too. From simple dog walking to technical skills in programming and artificial intelligence, online education has lots of them. You can learn new skills and get recognised qualifications from several online academies.

Comfort and Flexibility. We make it easy to learn new skills

If you’re looking for a way to advance your  new skills without sacrificing other parts of your life for it, online courses is the perfect answer. Online courses are designed to be accessible anywhere and anytime. With a mobile phone, personal computer or other digital assistants, course materials can be downloaded and saved for subsequent (online or offline) studying. You can study anywhere, too. Online courses are mobile. Meaning it goes along with you wherever you go. It is that easy! With this set-up, you can have extra time to spare with your full-time job, friends and family.

New Skills and Career Advancement

For those already working but like to add a qualification to their CV, online courses will afford you the time. You’ll get recognised qualifications to advance your career without quitting your job. You can continue your schedule as usual without feeling a pressing need to be physically present in class. Your course materials can be saved on your device for offline viewing. You can obtain a Master’s degree without as much as move an inch from your workplace, home and other comfort zones.

Your New Skills and Recognised Qualifications

When online education began to gain attention, many people were afraid that the qualifications they give wouldn’t be acceptable to employers and even government organisations. This fear prevailed for a long time until regular colleges and other educational institutions started offering online qualifications of their own. Today, an online qualification is as good as other recognised qualifications acquired anywhere. With your online qualification, you can apply for and get the job you like; you can be qualified for promotion; you can start a business with it, and even further your education or career. Online qualifications are recognised everywhere.

Conclusions about New Skils Academy

Online education, as we have seen, is growing at a faster pace. People everywhere are enrolling for online courses either to earn a degree or a diploma or to add to an existing skill. In any case, online education is leading the way in revolutionising our educational system. Not only are online courses cheap and convenient, but are recognised qualifications everywhere. It is the educational gift of our time.

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